Watch Charlie Rose Interview Brilliant (And HOT!) Author Jonah Lehrer About Creativity & The Brain

by • April 18, 2012 • Charlie Rose, Inspiration, Me, NeuroscienceComments (0)3875

My latest massive crush is none other than the brilliant hotness that is Jonah Lehrer, the neuroscientist-turned-author whose brand new book IMAGINE: How Creativity Works I recently profiled here on FEELguide (you can read it by CLICKING HERE).  I first discovered Jonah and his latest book via the team at The Greater Good, which published a list of Jonah’s top 5 ways to reach one’s creative potential (I summarized them in the link above), which is why I was so eager to watch his appearance on Charlie Rose last night.  It’s one thing to read Jonah’s words of wisdom about neuroscience and the mysteries surrounding the source of creativity in the human brain, but it’s an added pleasure to watch him as well.  He has an incredible presence about him, and at moments I found myself completely transfixed by his incredible mind and his equally incredible face (and those LIPS!!!).  You really must watch it for yourself to see what I mean, because — Jonah’s sexiness aside — it’s one of the most fascinating interviews about the human brain I’ve seen in recent memory.  You can also pick up your own copy of Jonah Lehrer’s IMAGINE: How Creativity Works via Amazon, as well as visit  For my top selection of stories and insights into the human brain be sure to also visit The Human Brain on FEELguide.

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