GUCCI Creates Stunning Short Inspired By Their Brand New Custom-Designed Fiat 500 Beauty

by • April 17, 2012 • Fashion, Industrial And Product Design, StyleComments (0)2134

Gucci recently commissioned director Chris Sweeney to create a short film inspired by the legacy Italian fashion house’s brand new custom design of the latest Fiat 500.  Apart from the car’s high end GUCCI details (i.e. the red-green web down its side as well as the “GUCCIssima” leather print seats), the film itself is something to behold.  The concept for the film is rooted in Sweeney’s own childhood obsession with plastic model kits, and takes various GUCCI creations arranged in carefully considered compositions, inserts them into a vacuum form machine, and spits out all things Fiat.  It’s one of the cleverest ad shorts I’ve seen as long as I can remember and you can check it out in its full genius below.


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