Hollywood Crack: The Highly Addictive YOUNG MONTANA? Remix Of SOLAR BEARS’ “Dream Valley”

by • March 26, 2012 • MusicComments (0)1864

I’ve fallen in love with this YOUNG MONTANA? remix of the SOLAR BEARS track “Dream Valley”.  I seriously can’t stop listening to it, and on top of that my heart now rightfully belongs to each and every one of the teddybear punks featured in the following found-footage video, which appears to be set in a ramshackle Hollywood apartment filled with a swarm of hardcore kids getting ready for church — or perhaps a party of some sort.  Another brilliant example of the brilliantly surreal results that can erupt when you weave a fantastic slice of music with an equally fantastic set of visuals which are completely dislocated in space and time from what the original music may otherwise suggest.  For all things YOUNG MONTANA? be sure to visit YOUNGMONTANA.com, and follow them on Facebook.  You can also follow SOLAR BEARS on Myspace.

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