Listen To Legendary Canadian Composer Ann Southam’s Magnificent “Remembering Schubert”

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I was listening to Tempo earlier Thursday morning, and host Julie Nesrallah compiled a brilliant playlist inspired by female masters of classical music.  One of the selections that struck me the most was by Canadian composer Ann Southam (1937-2010) and her stunning work “Remembering Schubert” performed by Eve Egoyan.  In a Tempo blog feature entitled Ann Southam: The Stubborn Pioneer, writer Michael Morreale elaborates on Southam’s drive and intense work ethic: “A self-identified feminist, Southam thought of her music as being grounded in woman’s experience.  In an interview with the ‘Globe and Mail’, she explained: ‘In the very workings of the music, there’s a reflection of the work that women traditionally do, like weaving and mending and washing dishes — the kind of work you have to do over again.’  Longtime collaborator and friend Eve Egoyan puts it best: ‘She’s a role model.  She was a woman who pursued her voice, and who was supportive of other women, and was a very caring kind person, and commanded her musical space with an honest musical voice, but didn’t impose it.'”  You can read the entire feature by visiting CBC Radio 2.  For more amazingness from the world of classical music be sure to visit, and listen to Tempo each weekday morning from 9:00am – 1:00pm EST by CLICKING HERE.  Now, sit back and enjoy Ann Southam’s extraordinary “Remembering Schubert” below:

Source: CBC Radio 2’s Tempo With Julie Nesrallah

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