Ever Wonder What It Takes To Get Into Harvard Business School? Well, Wonder No More

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I’ve alway fantasized about going to Harvard Business School, but it never seems to evolve beyond just that — a fantasy.  Even though I’ve spent the past 17 years of my life as a designer (5 years getting my degree in Architecture and 12 years working as a Set Designer in film) I still consider myself a very right-brained person — perhaps to a fault.  I feel as though all of the left-sided faculties of my brain are in need of big kick in the butt, and there are few places in the world more likely to achieve that than an immersion in Harvard’s world-renowned Business Program.  The selection process that takes place at universities of this stature has long been a mystery, but over the past couple years I’ve noticed this curtain of mystery is being pulled back every so slightly, allowing us common folk to get a glimpse and a better understanding of the process that goes into an applicant getting that Willy Wonka golden ticket letter in the mail which read: “Congratulations, your application to the Harvard Business School has been accepted.”  The Wall Street Journal just posted this revealing video earlier today which answers many of these questions, and for anyone as fascinated as I am by this process it’s incredible to watch.  Watch as Melissa Korn on The News Hub dtalks about what she learned when she sat down with Dee Leopold, Harvard Business School’s head of M.B.A. admissions.  The tuition fees for Harvard’s 2013 MBA program range from a total of $84,000 for a single student, up to $116,800 for a married/DP student with two children (you can see the full breakdown by CLICKING HERE).  To learn more about Harvard’s MBA application process you can visit HBS.edu.

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