London-Based NO PAIN IN POP Releases Terrific New “-7°C, 5:41PM” Mixtape Inspired By Toronto Winter

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DUMMY just posted this icy cool mix created by Tom King of the now infamous London-based record label NO PAIN IN POP.  I first heard of NPIP a few months back from their much talked about underground music festival NAIL THE CROSS which took place in East London this past October 2011, and from all accounts it was balls out fantastic.  Various artists including Nite Jewel, Pariah, Miracle (Steve Moore of Zombi’s new project), patten, Ital, D/R/U/G/S and Halls were among the performers, and thanks to a post I wrote about the event I ended up getting an email from patten himself thanking me for the piece (if you haven’t yet discovered patten’s music be sure to click on the link below).  In an interview with DUMMY, Tom King elaborated on the inspiration for the mix which he created in Toronto (his new home as of this past January when he moved there from London) a few days ago on a chilly winter’s day:

“I was here for 6 months last year and over that period we released Grimes & Doldrums from Canada so I guess it’s proving worthwhile for the label. And, though apparently this winter has been very mild, it does get that cold after sundown.  [The mix] is about losing things — even weekends — and is part of a series of layered ambient/traditional tracks I’ve been doing.”

You can read the entire context by visiting DUMMY.  And if you have not yet discovered NO PAIN IN POP you absolutely must visit them at, as well as follow them on Facebook  and Twitter, and hear more on their Soundcloud.  There is quite simply no comparison to what the NPIP team has achieved, and continues to achieve, with regards to being so far ahead of the curve of music.  Remember how sometimes your dog would start wagging its tail and barking at the door an entire half hour before your dad got home?  That’s exactly the kind of ESP-like music forecasting and curation that NPIP is so renowned for.  With regards to their phenomenally curated music festival NAIL THE CROSS,  NME recently wrote, “A line-up so ahead of the curve that most of these artists could look over their shoulders and thumb their noses at the zeitgeist trailing wheezingly in their wake. Feels like the future.”  And Dazed & Confused writes, “Look closely and you’ll realise that both today’s curators aren’t just planning a party – they’re breaking down musical boundaries.”  Enjoy their brand new mix below entitled “-7°C, 5:41PM”.

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