Jamie Oliver Discovers Joy Division And New Order Master Tapes In Abandoned Bank Vault Of New Restaurant

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Jamie Oliver clearly has some incredible karma.  For the past few years he’s been busy helping school boards across England and the United States rebuild their food programs in order to improve the the lives, minds, and well-being of thousands of children.  A truly incredible feat, which the Universe has rewarded by bestowing upon Jamie an incredible discovery earlier this week.  Oliver is busy turning a big chunk of Manchester’s old Midlands Bank building into a new restaurant, and during the demolition/renovation of the vault area he and his team stumbled upon a fortune of £1,100,000 of jewelry, deeds, guns, and assorted goodies.  This figure is likely to increase substantially because something else was discovered in one of those safety deposit boxes which hasn’t been appraised yet: master tapes from both Joy Division and New Order.  There’s no official word yet as to what is contained on the tapes, but many are speculating that it would not be unusual for brand new music from one or both of these legendary bands to be found on these recordings.  Pure amazingness.  I will definitely keep you posted the second I learn of any developments.  To read more about the discovery, what happens to the items next, and how something like this can even happen, be sure to visit Manchester Confidential.  

Sources: DUMMY and Manchester Confidential

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