Reports Of Strange Humming, Rumbling Noises From Sky Over Past Month Are Pouring In Worldwide

by • February 9, 2012 • Random News, UnexplainedComments (0)3889

Over the past four weeks there has been a huge rise in the number of reports worldwide of a strange humming, low rumbling sound coming from the skies above.  At other times the sound becomes a deep thumping, whining, or even a melody.  The first time I had heard of this phenomenon came from a TIME magazine profile of a small British town which was plagued by the low frequency hum (you can read the full story by CLICKING HERE), and the unexplained noise appears to be spreading.  Just last week the Canadian Government was brought in to investigate a mysterious humming noise that has been plaguing residents of the town of Windsor, Ontario.  You can read the full story by visiting Discovery News.  For more information on “The Hum” be sure to visit Wikipedia.

Source: Discovery News

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