Hunter Longe’s Video Installations Bend, Scramble, And Warp VHS Video Feeds With Magnets

by • February 6, 2012 • ArtComments (0)2057

The Atlantic has a great profile of artist Hunter Longe, whose video installations use magnetic fields to scramble and warp VHS video feeds, erasing information stored on the magnetic tape. The effect is mesmerizing; even as the video image unravels, revealing underlying textures and layers, the invisible forces of magnetism become visible and plastic. The technique dates back to the early work of Nam June Paik, at least, but Longe takes the theme of electromagnetic forces further, exploring its tensions and aesthetics in his 2011 show, Degausser, at The Popular Workshop, a hybrid gallery and creative agency in San Francisco.  The video below was directed by Cole Schreiber of Sunday/Paper and it filters a filmed interview with the artist through the projections and TV screens of the artist’s work.  To read The Atlantic’s interview with Hunter Longe simply head over to, and be sure to visit Hunter’s website at

Source: The Atlantic

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