Doubling Down: CLARK’s “Com Touch” And Heathered Pearls’ Reworking Of Warm Ghost’s “I Will Return”

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ISO50 recently gave the heads up on two terrific tracks from two incredible artists.  The first is from CLARK, a resident of Warp Records, and his mind-expanding beauty “Com Touch” which puts me in a very Le Revelateur state of mind.  After a few listens all I can seem to dream about is a southwest desert road/camping trip.  Sometimes when I’m driving to music like this I find myself drifting off so far and so deep that when I snap out of it I can’t help but think that something supernatural was autopiloting the wheel in complete control, allowing me to to merge with the infinite for (in some cases) more than an hour.  The second is Heathered Pearls‘ remix of “I Will Return”, one of his favorite Warm Ghost tracks.  This one would also go blissfully well with a car full of snoring close friends in the middle of Monument Valley at 80mph with the top down.  CLARK’s upcoming LP, Iradelphic, is set for release on April 3rd via his label home Warp.  You can also download your own free copy of “Com Touch” at Warp (and I’ll be sure to remind you about Iradelphic when it’s released in just over two months) .  You can follow CLARK on Facebook, Twitter, and get updates on his new album from Warp.  For all things Heathered Pearls be sure to visit his profile on his label Ghostly International, as well as follow him on Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Source: ISO50

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