The Secret World Around You: Brilliant Infographic Reveals The Psychology And Science Of Color

by • January 21, 2012 • Graphic Design, Infographics, Psychology, ScienceComments (0)14530

Scientists have known forever that color has a profound influence on the human brain.  From the color you paint your kitchen, to the color of the sky, to the color of a corporation’s branded image, there’s no end to the fascinating implications of how color influences our mood and behavior.  National Geographic just profiled the following infographic created by the team at CertaPro Painters of Louisville which breaks down how the brain reacts to every portion of the color spectrum, providing a brilliant guide to how you can turn each room in your home into a machine of varied subliminal suggestions.  It also reveals how the advertising executives of Madison Avenue have been using this science to influence your brain’s perception of corporate brands ranging from PRADA, M&Ms, McDonald’s, and many more.  For more incredible infographics such as this be sure to visit FEELguide Infographics.  TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE BELOW CLICK ON IT ONCE.

Sources: GOOD and National Geographic

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