Got The January Blues? Fight Fire With Fire With LONEY, DEAR’s Brand New Video For “Loney Blues”

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LONEY, DEAR is the moniker of Stockholm-based folkpop and blues singer/songwriter Emil Svanängen.  In February 2007 he released his unbelievable album Loney, Noir — easily of the most beautiful albums I have ever encountered in my entire life.  It is musical offering of such incomparable perfection I doubt anything will ever come close to the effect it has on me.  Each and every song is a classic, with “Saturday Waits”, “Carrying A Stone”, and “Sinister In A State Of Hope” forever holding an extra special place in my heart.  If you don’t yet own this masterpiece be sure to pick up your own copy immediately via iTunes.  That’s an order.  Just this morning, Stereogum premiered the newest video from LONEY, DEAR’s latest album Hall Music, and it belongs to the track “Loney Blues”.  It tells the story of a faceless bum skateboarding his way through an anonymous city, living his anonymous life, fading off into his anonymous future.  Yes it’s a downer, but downers are often beautiful.  In LONEY, DEAR’s case, downers are transcendent.  You can pick up your own copy of his latest album Hall Music via iTunes, and be sure to follow him on Facebook and visit his website  I’ve attached the brand new video for “Loney Blues” below as well as “Saturday Waits” and “Sinister In A State Of Hope”.  Three very appropriate songs for anyone grappling with the cold, January blues.  Oh, and in case you didn’t realize it: today is scientifically the most depressing day of the year.”  

Source: LONEY, DEAR on Facebook

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