Destroyer’s Brilliant “Leave Me Alone” Highlights MOJO’s Terrific New Cover Album Honoring New Order

by • January 5, 2012 • MusicComments (0)1980

Over the past few days it’s become a challenge to stay on top of the huge explosion of amazing new music being released.  One such release is MOJOs brand new compilation of New Order covers from the band’s 1983 album Power, Corruption, & Lies, with one of the brightest gems of the group being Destroyer‘s beautiful rendition of “Leave Me Alone”.  What’s not so brilliant is the fact that in order to own a copy of the album you have to purchase a physical copy of MOJO’s February issue which is on sale now.  Seriously MOJO?  Whatever halfwit grandma decided that was a good idea also decided it would be smart to include only 30 second previews of each song in the player below (I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like MOJO needs to get laid).  Some of my other favorites from the group include Fujija & Miyagi’s “Your Silent Face” and Seekae’s “Ultraviolence”.  Check out the lot below in 30 second bites, and enjoy Destroyer’s contribution in its entirety (but hurry up before MOJO takes that one away from you too).  For more Destroyer CLICK HERE.

Source: Pitchfork

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