DANIELS Raises The Bar Once Again With Their 3D Music Video For Foster The People’s “Don’t Stop”

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Earlier in 2011 The Creators Project matched up the uber-talented directing duo DANIELS with experimental rock group Battles to direct the music video for the track “My Machines” off the band’s sophomore release, Gloss Drop.  The result was the smash hit video starring an anonymous man repeatedly tumbling down a shopping mall escalator.  The video has since gone on to appear on countless Best Music Video lists and has secured DANIELS a well deserved reputation as one of the best directing teams in the business.  Further proof of this is their brand new video for Foster The People‘s track “Don’t Stop” starring Gabourey Sidibe of Precious fame.  The video was created for Nintendo 3DS and was the duo’s first foray into the world of 3D filmmaking technology.  Although the online version is presented in ancient 2D format, next to nothing is lost with regards to good ol’ fashion entertainment value.  The Creators Project sat down with Daniel Scheinert, one half of the DANIELS duo (Daniel Kwan rounds out the pair), for an in depth interview and the following is a short excerpt:

THE CREATORS PROJECT:  Can you tell us a bit about the concept & inspiration for the video?
DANIELS:  This project is a once in a million opportunity. A great band wants to make a 3D video for Nintendo… So we came up with at least 40 ideas before settling on the dumbest one. A car chase movie where the lead characters literally don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop…

THE CREATORS PROJECT:  Your videos are always very humorous and lighthearted but at the same time, a little dark and violent. What is it about this combination that appeals to you so much?
DANIELS:  We don’t think about it. Our criteria for writing is literally, did other Daniel laugh or get excited when I said that thing? If so, we should probably do that. But I think there’s a trend to our work so far because, we’re pessimistic romantics. We are lighthearted fun-loving guys who think the world is pretty fucked up and crazy. And there’s a philosophy under that. Learn to laugh at life, ‘cause then you can stare life’s challenges in the face more objectively without crying as much. Making movies is our therapy. Sorry you guys have to watch it all. And we’re very sorry to the folks we’ve tricked into paying for it.

You can read the entire interview with DANIELS by visiting The Creators Project.  Scheinert goes on to explain how exactly Gabrile Sibide got involved in the project, as well as his thoughts on what makes a truly great music video and what they’ve got up their sleeves next.  I’ve attached their video for Foster The People’s “Don’t Stop” below as well as their video for Battles’ “My Machines” that made the world stand up and take notice.  For all things DANIELS be sure to visit their website at DanielDaniel.us as well as their Vimeo channel, their Tumblr blog, and follow them on Twitter.

Source: The Creators Project

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