The Watch Of My Dreams: Louis Vuitton Teams Up With La Fabrique du Temps For The “Tambour”

by • December 29, 2011 • Fashion, Industrial And Product Design, Style, TravelComments (0)2383

Louis Vuitton recently peeled back the layers of mystery surrounding their brand new astonishing time piece, the “Tambourg Minute Repeater”.  The project was a collaboration between themselves (aesthetics) and Swiss master horologists La Fabrique du Temps (engineering).  In line with their exceptional talent for creating beautiful travel accessories, Louis Vuitton’s Tambour contains sophisticated mechanics capable of allowing its owner to switch between two separate times: one time for business/travel and one time for “home”.  Hamdi Chatti is Louis Vuitton’s Vice President of Watch and Jewelry and he explains: “No matter where you are, you always have two times. One of travel—often the one of business—and the one the watch guards for you. It’s romantic to think about ‘home time,’ because you’re always set to your own time and your own emotion.”  Some highlights of this marvelous fusion of art and engineering include a transparent sapphire face and base revealing miniscule gears set with 34 jewels.  The crimson rubies are incorporated into the axis of certain gears because of their ability to reduce friction (how amazing is this!).  “Watchmakers used to hide the movements,” says Chatti.  “We wanted the mechanism to be part of the beauty of the watch.”  For price points simply visit the watch section of Louis Vuitton.


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