Disco Naïveté Releases Their Brilliant Top 25 EPs Of 2011 Including Southern Shores And How To Dress Well

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Disco Naïveté just released their ranking of the top 25 EPs of 2011 and it’s pretty tight (i.e. they only ranked EPs containing a minimum of 3 tracks which makes perfect sense to me).  My only disagreement would be the order.  For example, Wintercoats’ Sketches came out on top.  I would have put it somewhere around #15 or so.  How To Dress Well’s Just Once came in at #18 whereas I would have put it in the top 5.  Southern Shores also made the list with their brilliant Atlantic which is spot on in my opinion (you might remember their track “Meridian” highlighted one of my posts a few months back entitled “Why On Earth Was I Not Invited To This Party?”  Other highlights include James Blake, Chad Valley, and Kurt Vile.  You can see the entire 25 by visiting Disco Naïveté.  Regardless of order, here’s a few examples of where I agree with Disco Naïveté the most.  Enjoy!

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