Mr. Perswall’s “Library Wallpaper” Will Fill Your Home With Books At A Fraction Of The Price (And Dust)

by • December 27, 2011 • Design, Graphic DesignComments (0)4889

Mr. Perswall is the British company behind some of the most brilliant and original wallpaper designs on the market.  The one that caught my eye this morning is their “Library Wallpaper” design which can fill any of your rooms with the beauty of an expansive home library, without breaking your back on paying for a real collection this size.  You can even customize it to a greyscale if you like, but I’m loving the color version myself.  This particular style will run you about $42 US per square meter — well worth it considering all the time you will save from not having to dust, let alone read all those books.

Source: Bless This Stuff

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