The WOW Files: Andy Stott’s Bass-Busting, Punch-Packed “New Ground” Will Chew You Up And Spit You Out

by • December 26, 2011 • Music, The WOW FilesComments (0)3262

The bonus of all these Top 5, Top 10, Top 50, and Top 100 lists during this time of the year is that I usually end up making some terrific discoveries, and this afternoon’s big find is the music of Andy Stott — namely the track “New Ground”.  Now, this is the part where I lose my shit.  Over the past few years Andy’s gone by the name of Andy Stott, “Andrea”, and now I’ve just discovered his latest alias: Passed Me By.  Ugh.  I really have no clue what this obsession is with musicians and producers taking up a string of constantly changing monikers.  I’m going to refer to this plague as Diddyitis.  Is this an ego thing?  Whatever it is, it’s starting to get on my nerves.  But it’s not the music’s fault, so “New Ground” is immune from my frustration.  Take a listen to Andy’s track below, or wait — is it Passed Me By’s track?  Or Andrea’s?  Dear Andy: take the “high ground” and stick to one name.  To read Sonic Router’s feature interview with Andy/Andrea/Passed/Diddy CLICK HERE.  This is normally where I would link to the artist’s networks, but I refuse out of protest.  You can pick up your own copy of the track on iTunes.

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