The Extraordinary Photorealistic Embroidered Portraits of Cayce Zavaglia Will Take Your Breath Away

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Yatzer recently profiled the incredible work of artist Cayce Zavaglia, an American born painter raised in Sydney, and they sat down with her to discuss her art, her influences and her own personal perspective on her creations. Yatzer first learned of Zavaglia from her current exhibition at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York City (November 17 – December 17, 2011) and needless to say they were blown away. The explain how, “The embroidered paintings give you texture from afar and mesmerize you as you move closer.  Her intricate layered strokes cross each other in many directions to mimic paint strokes. The layering of colors is so close and tight that from afar, you will never guess that it was made up of sewing threads.”  Among the many terrific questions they pose to Zavaglia, Yatzer asks: “We have remarked on how architects, industrial designers and fine artists have returned to the crafts.  Why do you think craft is, once again, making a mainstream push?”  And Zavaglia replies: “I think the popularity of craft comes and goes but it has always been there and has always been weaving and integrating itself into artwork.  It is familiar.  It is comfortable.  It is something we all know.  Every child in America has made crafts.  At some point, however, a dividing line is drawn between art and craft and a choice must be made if one wants to be a ‘real’ artist.  I think craft is once again making its presence known because of a universal appreciation for something unique, something tied to tradition, something that possesses the visible signs of craftsmanship and the time that has been applied.”  You can read the entire interview in full by visiting Yatzer.  And to see more of Zavaglia’s work, be sure to visit her website at  WOW.

Source: Yatzer

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