Watch These 3 New Hilarious TV Ads For Old Milwaukee Beer Starring Will Ferrell (Which He Did For Free)

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In a recent article published in Business Insider, writer Jim Edwards tells the story of how back in September, actor and comedian Will Ferrell approached Pabst Brewing Co. and asked them if he could make some TV ads for Old Milwaukee beer — for free.  Of course they said yes, and the result is the following three spots which, for some unexplainable reason, are only airing in Davenport, Iowa.  And they’re pretty damn good.  Business Insider writes: “Why, exactly, Ferrell wanted to do the ads, is a mystery. Also, why he chose to shoot them in Davenport — the beer is from Wisconsin, after all. And why he likes Old Milwaukee in the first place. The discount brand is, infamously, not well liked. (Typical review: ‘nothing special. or horrendous.’)”  Pabst Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Crowley did not immediately respond to BI when they requested more information on how this all came to be.  One thing is for certain: the YouTube audience for these ads will eclipse the viewers in Davenport, Iowa in no time at all.

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