Korallreven’s New Dreamy Video For “As Young As Yesterday” Is Making Me Feel As Old As I Am Today

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On Saturday I’m officially a senior citizen as I hit the big ol’ 36 mark.  Yup, I’m officially old.  So as much as I love the wave of synth-heavy, laid back, chillwave music that’s flooding the scene these days I can’t help but wish I was 20 years younger to enjoy it even more.  There’s something so undeniably youthful about this sound, and artists such as Swedish outfit Korallreven who are at the forefront, have a gift for spinning me into a place of teenage nostalgia with each and every track.  For their latest piece “As Young As Yesterday”, Korallreven hired director Marcus Söderlund to craft a visual compliment to the time-standing-still sound, so it seems fitting he would choose to follow a destinationless, slow-mo skateboarder (played by professional skateboarder Nisse Ingemarsoon) weaving through the streets of Los Angeles which you can enjoy below.  As for me, I need to whip up a fresh batch of Metamucil and figure out what I’m going to wear to the Senior’s Bingo Tournament at the old age home tonight.  I think a white skateboarder T-shirt might be nice.  For all things Korallreven you can follow them on MySpace, Facebook, LastFM, Soundcloud, and be sure to visit their website at Korallreven.se.  To pick up your own copy of their brand new album, An Album by Korallreven, simply head over to iTunes.

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