FEELguide’s Off For An Early Christmas Back Home (But Wish We Could Merge With The Hilfiger Family)

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I’m heading back to the Ottawa Valley for an early pre-Christmas weekend with the family, so I won’t be able to post this weekend (I’ll be back first thing Monday morning).  It’s going to be nice to see the folks and all my sisters, bros-in-law, neices, and nephews, of course, but after watching this video from Tommy Hilfiger I’m going to see if my mom will allow our family to merge with the Hilfigers this weekend because from the looks of this video they certainly know how to have a damn good time (to check another of the Hilfiger videos be sure to visit OHLALAmag).  I must admit, Ive really been loving this new campaign from TH which they’ve been running for the past several months.  Whoever’s responsible for the casting of this fine lookin’ group deserves a huge pat on the back — especially the hot-as-fuck shirtless afro guy with those A+ abs.  Be still my Hilfiger heart!  Hopefully my mom will understand the importance of meeting like-minded loving families in order to share in the Christmas holiday spirit.  And hopefully mister afro stud muffin will understand when I lock me and him together in his bedroom upstairs for the entire weekend.  Something tells me it would not be a very “silent” night.  Have a great weekend!

Source: OHLALAmag

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