Architect Dick van Gameren’s Incredible “Villa 4.0” In The Netherlands Is Blowing My Sustainable Mind

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Yesterday I was flipping through a design magazine and came across this phenomenal glass pavilion home renovation in the Netherlands and was instantly mesmerized.  The “Villa 4.0” was designed by architect Dick van Gameren, and at first I was captivated by the impressive overall design, but soon came to realize that apart from the staggering beauty of the home at first glance, there is something even more impressive occurring in these photos.  The Villa 4.0 is perhaps the single most environmentally sustainable residential design I have ever come across in my life.

So rare is it to discover a home design that is not only drop dead gorgeous, but pays this much respect to Mother Nature at the same time.  The house is heated by a geothermal energy system, and large portions of the existing home which had to be removed were recycled into the construction of the new renovation.  Roofs and facades were insulated and reinsulated, and the new concrete floor was poured atop compression-resistant insulation and contains radiant water heating system connected to the main geothermal source.  The ventilation system is premised on natural circulation, but its automated control kicks in to maintain maximum regulation.  If the roof becomes too hot, a rooftop pump sprays water from the brook onto the roof (made with 100% sustainable materials) to cool it down, and is then redirected to flow back into the brook.  The interior materiality of the home was also carefully considered to include 100% sustainable materials: bamboo wood floors and wardrobes, Ecoplex (poplar) laminate kitchen cupboards, wool filt seating, and much more.

All waste water (greywater) is directed to an organic purification tank where it is cleaned before it is returned to the brook.  The new garden layout was informed as much as possible by the replanting of existing trees and shrubs, and is watered exclusively by water from the brook.  The lawn is kept in shape by an electric mower and the garden plants are all tended without the need for herbicides and artificial fertilizers.  Amazingness.  To learn more about the design practice of Dick van Gameren be sure to visit his website by CLICKING HERE.  And for more details on this truly brilliant home you can check out the feature profile over at ArchDaily

Source: ArchDaily

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