Philosopher A.C. Grayling Explains The Meaning Of Life To NYTimes In Under 5 Minutes (And Does A Great Job)

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A.C. Grayling is Master of the New College of the Humanities, and a fellow of St. Anne’s College, Oxford.  The New York Times recently caught up with Grayling who is currently a professor of philosophy at the prestigious Birbeck College, University of London.  Grayling is a prolific writer and public intellectual, and with his humanist perspective and gifted manner of writing richly accessible prose, he has a way of shedding light on the nature of our existence unlike most other experts in his field (be sure to check out his latest book entitled The Good Book: The Humanist Bible).  During the short and sweet interview with The New York Times, Grayling beautifully lays out his thoughts on why we are here, and what he feel is the true meaning of life.  In under 5 minutes he manages to squeeze just about everything worthwhile in there.  But perhaps the highlight for me was his quote that I haven’t been able to shake for the past 24 hours: “The meaning of life is to make life meaningful.”  For more on A.C. Grayling you can visit his website at  


Source: The New York Times

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