Artist David Černý Unveils His Largest American Public Installation In North Carolina Entitled “Metalmorphosis”

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Czech sculptor David Černý recently unveiled his gorgeous 7.6-meter-tall sculpture housed in front of the Whitehall Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Entitled Metalmorphosis, the piece is made up of several plates of sculpted stainless steel that rotate intermittently.  The sculpture is his first public installation in the United States, and it creates a three-dimensional human head which disperses water from its mouth into a large fountain basin.  The design integrates 14 tons of stainless steel and is mastered by a custom-written program which controls the motors within which shift the layers accordingly.  Černý controls the layers via internet control, and Metalmorphosis is a culmination of a theme the artist has been exploring with his work for several years.  To watch the live 24-hour web stream of Metalmorphosis CLICK HERE, and to learn more about the artist be sure to visit his site at

Source: Design Boom

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