Note To Friends And Family: The DIY Romantic Star Projector Would Make An Amazing Christmas Gift

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Anyone who has ever come to my place for drinks or dinner knows that the first thing on my entertaining To Do List is to light about 250 tea lights around my entire apartment in order to quench my never-ending need for as much ambient light as possible.  But with this beautiful new star projector lamp design by DIY, my tea light ritual may very well become a whole lot easier — if not made redundant entirely.

This star projector casts a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with thousands of stars in random order.  Featuring a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it’s possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night’s sky all around you. You can also change it to the accurately track movement of the heavens as the year progresses.  The romantic star projector is not only give your child universal astronomical science and enhance the capacity of good assistants hands, but also give you the couple to create a romantic surprise! Ideal for astronomy or astrology fans, romantics, kids who’d appreciate a nightlight with a difference or anyone who wants to bring some starlight into their home. Powered by a couple of AA batteries.  

To purchase your own DIY Romantic Star Projector for the insanely affordable price of $22.00 (once again, Merry Christmas!) simply head over to Infimetry.  And to get you in the cosmic mood, I’ve also attached one of Dustin Farrell’s latest starry sky timelapse videos from his “Landscapes” series.

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