Watch Deepak Chopra’s Inspirational Thoughts On Our World’s Need For A Feminine Archetype

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Watching this clip of Deepak Chopra‘s recent appearance at the WIE Symposium (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise) struck me in two different ways.  First and foremost, his thoughts on our world’s desperate need for a feminine archetype in order for us to survive the emerging threats against our survival are some of the most inspired I’ve heard in quite some time.  In less than three minutes he effortlessly builds the most elegant case for how our civilization’s outlook would be so much better off if we forged a broad-based feminine mythos to guide us out of the dark.  And secondly, it reminded me of a recent film I discovered which looks at the groundbreaking life work of author Joseph Campbell, and his belief that the Hero archetype is something that is innate to every human being.  Far too often, however, we allow our “Hero Within” to lay dormant — in many cases for our entire lives — never igniting the vastly untapped heroic journey that is waiting inside each and every one of us.  I realize I’m getting a bit cushy on this one, but screw it.  Starting today I’m bringing my inner hero to life — and the best part is: she’s feminine.  As a matter of fact, she looks very much like Greta Garbo in the 1928 film The Mysterious Lady.  Now, which mysterious lady archetype shall we choose to put our world on the right path?

To learn more about the Women: Inspiration & Enterprise Symposium hosted by Sarah Brown, Arianna Huffington and Donna Karan, be sure to visit their website at, and check out their FORA profile.  And be sure to visit my previous post on the upcoming Joseph Campbell film Finding Joe where you can check out its terrific new trailer:  New Film “Finding Joe” Enters The Mind Of Joseph Campbell And How His “Hero’s Journey” Philosophy Can Transform Your Life.   You might also enjoy this one as well: Christopher Hitchens: “The Empowerment Of Women Is The Only Cure For Poverty We Know”


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