The PocoPoco LED Music Box And Sequencer Is As Elegant As It Is Fun

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One of the most incredible spoken word (and musical) acts I’ve ever seen is Montreal’s own Alexis O’Hara (talent evidently runs like a raging river in her family, because her aunt is none other than the phenomenal Catherine O’Hara).  Her brilliant self-sampling and live-sequencing technique is something extraordinary to see, and was the first thing I thought of when I came across this new LED box called PocoPoco.  The device is a musical instrument as well as a sequencer created by Takaharu Kanai from Tokyo Metropolitan University IDEEA Labs.  The buttons can be pulled, pressed, and turned as you assemble your own sounds and layers via the built-in solenoid actuators.  The PocoPoco has unlimited complexity in that each individual button can be programmed and automated autonomously.  Take a look below, and if you’re loving it as much as I am you can also check out the PocoPoco playing guide on the IDEEA Labs website.  I’ve also attached a clip from a live Alexis O’Hara performance, because I bet you a thousand dollars that she’s waiting for her very own PocoPoco to arrive in her mailbox any day now.  To learn more about the amazingness that is Alexis O’Hara, including her upcoming events, links to her video galleries, and much more, be sure to visit her website at

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