Dominic Pierce’s “Call My Phone” Is The Only Thing You Need To Kickstart Your Friday Night

by • September 9, 2011 • MusicComments (0)1962

Dominic Pierce’s track “Call My Phone” is pushing all the right buttons for me right now.  The cells of the human body are so varied they’re almost like entirely separate species: brain neurons, blood cells, muscle cells, etc.  The heart cell is so unique that it actually twitches in a rhythmic sequence and is the number one reason why that blood is pumping so beautifully through every corner of your body at this very moment.  Listening to “Call My Phone” marks the very first time I’ve ever had the following hypothesis: is it possible that biologists have not yet discovered the elusive “dance cell”, the one that twitches very much like the heart cell, yet is found in every muscle in your body, and responds instantly to music as danceable as this track?  Just a thought.  For more goodies from Dominic Pierce, be sure to visit him at MySpace as well as his website where you’ll find links to his terrific Tumblr page, Soundcloud, contact info, as well as his discography.  To listen to Dominic’s latest EP, For Real, CLICK HERE.

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