Soderbergh Builds The Hottest Male Cast Of All Time For Real Life Story Of Channing Tatum’s Stripper Past

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Steven Soderbergh‘s next film, Magic Mike,   will tell the loosely-autobiographical story of Channing Tatum who worked as a stripper early on in his climb up the Hollywood ladder.  Tatum himself will star in the film, along with fellow stripper colleagues Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, William Levy, and Joe Manganiello (one of my future husbands).  Elvis Presley’s grand-daughter, Riley Keough, has reportedly bagged the leading lady’s role as Alex Pettyfer’s love interest.  I got a chance to get to know Alex a little bit when I was working as a Set Designer on Beastly a couple years ago, and regardless of all the rumors of his recent diva-like behavior, the guy is hotter than a witch’s tit.  Each and every time I talked to the guy I had to restrain myself from ripping his clothes off (you might think I’m being frivolous when I say that, but it’s no exaggeration).  Magic Mike is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: Dlisted

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