World Wildlife Fund Releases Gorgeous Video In Honor Of Our Forests And WWF’s 50th Anniversary

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Forests have been at the heart of WWF’s work for half a century, and they should be rightfully proud of their accomplishments to protect these amazing ecosystems.  The WWF has fought for the creation of national parks and other protected areas, helped create the FSC — the world’s most reliable forest certification scheme — and they’re working to tackle new threats, like the destruction of forests for bioenergy.  But it’s not all celebration because forests still face major threats.  So while forests are in the spotlight this year (2011 is the International Year Of The Forests) the WWF is asking decision makers in government and business to help take a hard look at some of the biggest challenges and stickiest issues: How do we meet the world’s demand for timber, pulp and paper while protecting forests for wildlife?  Can carbon markets combat poverty and climate change at the same time?  As the world population grows, how much land will be needed for agriculture?

Throughout the year, WWF’s Living Forests Campaign will combine cutting edge science, new perspectives from partners and their decades of on-the-ground experience to help answer these questions. But no organization, not even the WWF, can save forests alone.  That’s why they’re convening discussions and debates to help trigger new thinking and innovative solutions.  The world won’t save forests in one year.  But 2011 can be the year we set differences aside, make tough choices and pledge to ensure Living Forests for generations to come.  To learn how you can help be sure to visit The World Wildlife Fund and to learn how to choose wood with the FSC logo CLICK HERE.  The following video was just released by the WWF and it beautifully captures the majesty of these irreplaceable wonders.  Without them we simply would not exist.

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