Ann Curry Reports More Than 30% Of Moms Use Their Job To Avoid Taking Care Of Their Children

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Ann Curry moderated a segment on The TODAY Show yesterday morning about the drastic (and not so drastic) lengths that some mothers go to to get some alone time.  Perhaps the most compelling is the fact that more than 30% of mothers use their jobs as an excuse to avoid having to care for their children.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman is TODAY’s medical correspondent, and she made it very clear to Ann that she thinks that the figures are way too low and a huge number of the mothers who took the survey were “fibbing” — so it’s possible that 50-60% of mothers stay at their office way too long. Snyderman also adds that it’s not necessarily a bad thing either, and these extra hours each week are essential to the mental health of moms everywhere.  To learn about the other surprising findings of the survey (i.e. mothers giving their kids alcohol) take a look at the 5-minute report below:

Source: TODAY

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