Watch This Stunning Sound-Based Travel Video “Under The Clouds” By Gioacchino Petronicce

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Gioacchino Petronicce is one of the most compelling amateur directors and editors I’ve come across in quite some time.  If you haven’t already seen his exquisite video “Images Can Shock” you absolutely must check it out.  Now Gioacchino has just released his latest creation entitled “Under The Clouds” which chronicles a trip he took from Toulouse to Paris and eventually to Martinique in the Caribbean during July 2011.  The video is primarily an exploration of sound with each scene being inspired by a “found sound” that he encountered along his journey — he confesses that the visuals took a back seat this time (although I would argue the imagery is equally as captivating).  The sounds were recorded with a zoom H4N (post sunc) and the images were shot with a tripod-mounted 7D.  The music, by the way, is “Snow Angel Summer” by Voyager One.  Seriously looking forward to everything you keep doing in your filmmaking career, Gio — excellent work!

Source: Fubiz

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