Architect Marc Fornes’ Stunning Biomimetric Art Installation “nonLin/Lin” On Display In France

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Marc Fornes‘ latest installation is the “nonLin/Lin Pavillion” at the FRAC Center in Orleans, France.  It mixes elements of biomimetric design — technology that mimics nature.  Fornes is the architect behind the New York-based design studio THEVERYMANY, and nonLin/Lin’s text-based morphologies are beautifully reminiscent of underwater coral species.  Yatzer elaborates more about the project:

The parameters of these protocols are based on form finding (surface relaxation), form description (composition of developable linear elements), information modeling (re-assembly data), generational hierarchy (distributed networks), and digital fabrication (logistic of production).  Despite the fact that it is a prototype, the water-resistant nonLin/Lin is a 1:1 scale model, and it is an architectural structure not an installation of any sort; durable enough to ensure that one can sit on it, hang from it, or even climb on it.

The overall piece challenges the viewers’ perceptions in a way that almost creates a sensation that you’re seeing 3-dimensions for the very first time.  To read the full in-depth profile and to see more photos be sure to visit Yatzer.  (All photos courtesy of THEVERYMANY).

Source: Yatzer

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