Ann Curry Interviews The Dalai Lama Who Advises His “Old Friend” Barack Obama On The Debt Divide

by • July 19, 2011 • Politics, SpiritualityComments (0)3180

Ann Curry, co-host of The TODAY Show, recently sat down with the Dalai Lama to talk about his visit to Washington D.C. and his get-together with his “old friend” Barack Obama.  The YouTube video is the Washington interview in full.  The NBC web video below that will automatically take you through each of three smaller segments: the first of which is a short clip of Curry’s sit down with the 14th Dalai Lama in a Washington hotel room where he advises not just President Obama on how to get through the current economic hardship, but each and every American as well.  Secondly, Curry gets a few more candid minutes as he moves from the hotel room to the elevator where he tosses her a fun little zinger about how many hours of sleep he got the night before.  And thirdly is a clip from a past interview where he sits down in the TODAY studio for his first ever live morning broadcast interview.  Be sure to also visit

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