Austra’s “Lose It” Is My Song Of The Week (And The Video Is Pretty Damn Amazing Too)

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There are some people out there whose music tastes are so incredible it borders on being intimidating — and Jakub Alexander is one of those people.  Jakub is the music curator for the amazingness that is ISO50, one of the five blogs I would take with me to a deserted island if I was forced to choose.  Their playlists (some of which are compiled by Jakub) are certifiably essential, and their latest Playlist #12 is where I discovered the music of Toronto-based group Austra.  Their beautiful single “Lose It” is highly addictive and their video directed by M Blash is gorgeous as well.  It’s stripped-down symbolism-heavy visuals are pure and powerful and as soon as I finished watching it I couldn’t help but think to myself that if I were ever to direct a video myself it would be very much along these lines.  To get more connected with Austra you can follow them on Facebook, MySpace, or visit their website at To discover more great finds like this be sure to listen to ISO50’s playlists at ISO50 Playlists, and be sure to check out their mother ship at ISO50. To hear some of Jakub’s own musical creations his moniker is Heathered Pearls and you can follow him on Bandcamp, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Source: ISO50

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