Amy Sedaris Guest Stars In The Trailer Park Boys’ Miniseries “The Drunk And On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour”

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The Globe And Mail is reporting that Amy Sedaris will be making a guest appearance in the new six-part miniseries entitled The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour set to air on the Action Network in Canada on July 22.  The series is an original creation that reunites Trailer Park Boys stars Mike Smith, Robb Wells and J.P. Tremblay in a the six episode storyline about a demented sketch-variety TV show.  The story is set in the fictional town of Port Cockerton, where the cast of The Happy Funtime Hour ingest a hallucinogen and believe they are the characters they portray on the show.  Along with Sedaris, Jay Baruchel will also make an appearance.  The trailer as you will see below is exactly up the Trailer Park Boys’ alley as they enter territory normally reserved for Hunter S. Thompson and Pee Wee Herman.  If you’re not aware of the Trailer Park Boys they are nothing short of Canadian comic icons at this point which is why it’s nearly impossible to label them merely a cult favorite due to their huge presence in Canadian popular culture.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for these boys mainly because they remind me so much of my own backwoods family deep in the hillbilly netherlands of Ontario.  And the fact that Amy Sedaris is one of my most favorite people in the universe means I will definitely be watching.  You can learn more by visiting their official website at or by following the show on Facebook. To learn more about the Trailer Park Boys be sure to visit Wikipedia. For all FEELguide posts featuring the amazingness that is Amy Sedaris CLICK HERE.

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Source: The Globe And Mail

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