D*Face’s Spray Paint Skateboards Turn California Pool Into A Living Work Of Art

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D*Face (a.k.a. Dean Stockton) fell in love with graffiti as a young Londoner and attributes his early passion for the artform to the highly regarded urban culture photographer and videographer Henry Chalfant’s publications Spraycan Art and Subway Art. His first major solo exhibition was the 2006 London showing of Death & Glory at the Stolenspace gallery which was one of the city’s most critically-acclaimed shows of the year.  The latest brilliant venture for D*Face is his spray paint-skateboard interface which turned this pool into an ingenious canvas of multi-colored lines bearing a beautiful expression of the skateboarders’ relation to the curved bowl space.  A year in the making, the affectionately coined “D*Face’s Ridiculous Redux” is one of the smartest fusions of art and urban street culture I have ever seen.  The footage was shot by Peter King using GoPro and a 7D at Southern California’s infamous Ridiculous Pool.  To learn more about the project head over to ConcreteDisciples.com, and for all things D*Face be sure to visit his website at Dface.co.uk. (All photos courtesy of MRZ).

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