Sound Of Dial-Up Modem Slowed Down 700% Sounds Like Something Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

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When I heard this clip of a dial-up modem being reduced in speed by a factor of 700% the first thing I thought of was how perfectly it would work as part of the soundtrack for a horror movie with a technological plot twist.  The second thing I thought of was Hans Zimmer and his score for INCEPTION which incorporated Edith Piaf’s old classic “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” reduced in speed likely by a similar factor of 700% or more and overlaid with Zimmer’s trademark blaring horn section.  It also put me in mind of Trent Reznor’s score for The Social Network and how Reznor’s challenge of expressing Mark Zuckerberg’s cold, heartless soul in the music led him to incorporate a buzzing air conditioner sound rattling underneath his compostion (leaving the viewer to think subconsciously that something is not quite right without being able to put their finger on why that is).  Take a listen below, and if you’re listening Hans or Trent you might just end up using this piece yourself in your next score(s).

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