Roomba Vacuums With Affixed Lights Make For Beautiful Long Exposure Photographs Of Floors

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A group of German students took the following long exposure photos of robotic Roomba vacuum cleaners with colored LED lights attached on top.  They used seven Roombas with varying LED colors for each photo and the results are fascinating not just from an artistic perspective, but from a robotics perspective it’s interesting to see how these little gizmos use of randomized rotation and movement manage to move about an entire floor’s surface with such uniform coverage.  I’ve also learned that Roomba LED photography has quite the following, and even has its own Flickr group.  To see more pics like these just head over to Roomba Art On Flickr. Roombas are manufactured by the iRobot Corporation™, and to learn more about their entire range of incredible robots be sure to check out their website at

Source: Peta Pixel via Laughing Squid

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