PBS Allows Free Online Streaming Of Their Incredible Documentary “What Are Dreams?”

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Breakthroughs in dream research are starting to reveal to us just how critical this mysterious function is to our physical and mental health.  One of the most fascinating studies I have ever heard about in this field was the study of a professional skier whose brain was rigged up for every reading imaginable as he spent a couple hours on a very challenging virtual ski simulator that pushed his mind and body to the limits.  The researchers then had him go directly to sleep, and in the morning he was immediately put back on the same virtual ski simulator to see if he had improved.  Incredibly enough he did — and by a great deal.  Turns out his dreams had him running that same hill all night long in his brain and the “flight simulator” of his dreams improved his motor skills and reflexes, and he was a better skier when he awoke than before he had gone to bed. PBS recently re-aired their incredible documentary What Are Dreams? and from June 30 – July 6 they are allowing free streaming of the special on their website.  It’s really an amazing thing to see if you haven’t already watched it.


Source: NOVA on Facebook

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