These Favo Curve Wall Tiles By Lithos Design™ Just Made Me Poo My Pants

by • June 29, 2011 • Design, Industrial And Product DesignComments (0)7715

There’s really nothing that can’t be done these days as far as textured walls are concerned.  Just pop a 3D pattern into a computer and either a mold can be made or a CNC machine will drill it into any piece of wood you can find.  With these “Favo Curve” wall tiles by Lithos Design™, however, I’ve somehow managed to find myself scratching my head over how they did it.  It’s apparently made of real stone so I really have no clue as to how they pulled it off.  All I know is it replicates beautifully (not to mention almost seamlessly) and I want them.  NOW.  For more info you can visit the designers’ website at

Source: Muuuz via NOTCOT

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