Greece Has Less Than 48 Hours To Get Its Shit Together Or Face Total Collapse

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The entire world is watching the political leaders of Greece hunker down in their Parliament in order to somehow pass its intense package of austerity measures so it can have access to the E.U.’s newest loan.  The country is in such financial disarray it will take decades to pull itself out, and sadly that’s the best case scenario.  The worst case scenario is if they fail to pass the package tomorrow.  If it doesn’t pass, Greece will run out of money in weeks and the country’s economy will collapse, and it will be the first modern economy in the world where this has happened.  The nation is currently in the midst of a 48-hour general strike, and even in the face of massive protests in the streets of Athens, the world’s money markets barely flinched this morning because in the eyes of global financiers Greece simply doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  The world’s economic leaders seem convinced that Greece will pass these measures.  In a matter of hours we will know if their convictions hold true.

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Source: CNN and NBC News

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