The Labyrinth Aquarium Design For The Wealthy Fish Owner

by • June 18, 2011 • Industrial And Product Design, NatureComments (0)4556

I’m assuming that since fish are not self aware creatures they probably don’t mind swimming around a simple glass box for their entire lives because they simply don’t know any better.  Nonetheless, if you really care about the quality of life for your fish you might consider the fact that a more stimulating environment will very likely increase your fishies’ happiness.  If you agree, and if you have an extra $6,500 kicking around (“WTF?!”), you might be interested in this Labyrinth Aquarium design by Opulent Items™.  This brilliant design is available in three different table finishes: cherry, black, and carbon fiber.  The tables conceal all the filtration, tubes, wires, and lighting fixtures, and you can also use it to store your Harry Winston jewelry collection, because you likely have one if you are able to afford this thing.  Come on Opulent, where’s the discount $500 version? To purchase your own simply head over to Opulent Items™.

Source: Trendhunter

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