The Thrilling Bass-Heavy Sounds And Wow-Heavy Visuals Of NOSAJ THING

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NOSAJ THING is a Korean-American producer based in Los Angeles and he’s gradually taking the world by storm.  His bassy dubstep-inspired sounds are laced with the hauntingly beautiful threads of electronic minimalism, and the entire NOSAJ package is taken to a whole other level with his exceptional graphic visual projections that give his stage shows a radiating and mind-expanding flair. NOSAJ collaborated with visual artist Aalto (Romain Tardy) at Prague’s Lunchmeat Festival in 2010 for a beautiful show that harnessed the power and beauty of NOSAJ’s music and combined it with the sophisticated lightmapping and graphic artistry skills of Aalto.  Using hundreds of polystyrene triangles they married their two worlds and created a simple and elegant fusion of light and sound for some beatiful results.  The second Vimeo video shows another collaboration with artist Julia Tsao for a performance in Los Angeles.  You can follow NOSAJ THING on Facebook, MySpace, as well as his website

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Source: The Creators Project

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