The Greatest Song In The World (As Of Right Now)

by • May 9, 2011 • Inspiration, MusicComments (0)2159

If there’s one massive drawback to YouTube it’s how shitty the sound quality is.  It’s managed to completely dumb down us down so much that we often unfairly and unknowingly prejudge songs that are compressed beyond all recognition and are only a shadow of their original master copy’s richness.  For instance, right now my favorite song in the world is Active Child’s “Weight Of The World” and nothing made me happier tonight than getting ready to share it with you.  When I pressed play on the video, however, I wanted to scream because I know how easily some people would dump on it in 5 seconds not realizing the phenomenal soundscapes that are hidden inside the original high quality version.  I almost did’t even want to attach the song because it’s so frustrating.  So I strongly encourage you get your own copy of this song and blast it on amazing speakers or headphones and let it take the weight of the world off your shoulders in mere seconds.  Visit for more information.

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