Teeel’s “Galilean Moons” Is Better Than Drugs

by • May 6, 2011 • Inspiration, Me, MusicComments (0)3223

For some reason when I was listening to Teeel’s amazing “Galileo Moons” this morning I got to thinking of the scene in The Shining where Scatman Crothers’ character is lying in his Florida hotel bed when he gets his vision of the horror that is happening back in the Overlook Hotel.  There’s something about the look on his face in that scene that captures the mood of this mind-expanding song perfectly for me.  But that’s not to take away from the brilliant silent film era footage of the moon that he uses in the video below.  Simply beautiful.  For all things Teeel, you can follow him on Facebook or visit his website at TeeelMusic.com.

Source: Teeel on Facebook

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