The Sun-Drenched Sounds Of San Diego’s Dirty Gold

by • May 3, 2011 • MusicComments (0)2832

Aaahhhhh, summer.  As I look out my window here in Montreal the buds on the maple trees are about the size of golf balls (they were the size of marbles yesterday).  Green balls of life that will soon become big leaves ready to soak up the summer sun and make that beautiful sound when the wind passes over them.  And it’s around this time of the year when surf music starts to match the weather outside, instead of matching the weather of a place thousands of miles away like San Diego.  It’s this SoCal city that is home to afro-surf-pop group Dirty Gold and I just discovered their amazing song “California Sunrise” over at OHLALAmag.  Their music reminds me of a mix of Beach House and Vampire Weekend, and it only takes a few seconds of “California Sunrise” to spin you into a soothing, warm mental beach daydream — consider it acoustic sunshine.  The video for “California Sunrise” was made with edited clips from the amazing documentary Riding Giants which you can watch for free by clicking on the link over at OHLALAmag. To learn more about Dirty Gold and their music you can follow them on MySpace, Facebook, or visit their website at

Source: OHLALAmag

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