Toshiba’s LED Installation At The Euroluce™ Trade Show In Milan Is The Star Of The Show

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The blowout star of this year’s Euroluce™ Trade Show in Milan is Toshiba.  The electronics giant worked with DGT Architects for their installation at the Cortile di Via Savona in the Zona Tortona area of Milan, Italy which is generating buzz beyond belief.  The Cortile building has stood the test of time through centuries of historical events, and today only the walls remain which adds an extra layer of intrigue and mystery to the highly atmospheric installation.  The space is separated into three elements: entrance, courtyard, and dark room.  As you enter you are sent through a white tunnel with a minimal bead of channeled water on the ground which mirrors the bead of LED light coming from the ceiling above.  When you arrive in the couryard the ripples on the water basin’s surface are illuminated by the sun during the day, and by the LED lighting at night.  For added effect the shimmering, swaying body of water washes the remaining wall of The Cortile with dance of light when the sun has set.  Continuing inside, the visitor finds themself in the main interior space — a darkened room creating magnificent albeit dramatic feelings as countless pulses of LED lights engage with the curtains of water.  From those who have experienced the space, the mood and feelings experienced in this room almost defy description in words; one has to physically be there to fully appreciate the powerful emotion of the space.  The purpose of the Toshiba installation is to “showcase the possibilities of LED in conveying emotional resonance.”  Consider this one mission accomplished.  Realized through the collaboration of an international team and harnessing multiple concepts, the installation explores and demonstrates how new technologies create new value and new potential experiential realities.

Source: Yatzer

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