The “Topographical Maps” Of Kim Asendorf And Jörn Röder Are Gorgeous To Look At (But Don’t Read Their Concept)

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I’m absolutely in love with the work of Kim Asendorf.  Her video and graphic package that she created for music artist a.d.l.r. is the most gorgeous use of computer “glitch” art that I’ve ever seen.  The technical term Asendorf uses to describe her work is the “glitch graphic, pixel sorting technique”.  I’ve attached three links to each of the previous posts where I wrote about Kim’s work, but her newest collaboration with artist Jörn Röder is what’s fresh on my radar this week. Described as a new style of “typographical mapping”, Triangulation Blog describes the series as such:

“Their base idea is to generate the earth, another earth, a possible variation of our planet. They want it as detailed as much, so they started with the details. The main property of each landscape is the vertical drop. Everything else in this landscape depends on it, rivers and waters, forests and meadows. Civilizations and their borders are build on the nature and particular every urbanity. So ‘height maps’, topographical maps, are the basis.”

Uhhhhm…sorry Kim, don’t buy it.  I come from a world where I was trained to assemble the most elaborate strings of conceptual, philosophical, and theoretical terms and ideas for my musings on architecture, but this is pushing it even for me.  I can spot a weak concept a thousand miles away, and this is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.  But it’s not entirely lost: with a little bit of tinkering you can save it — the topographical direction is good.  You’re just tripping all over your words that’s all.  And the graphic end results are so absolutely gorgeous they almost don’t require any explanation at all.  Love it.

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Source: Triangulation Blog

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